Delivering high-quality consulting services in the field of civil engineering and project management

55 km of built highways

8,16 km of erected bridges

26 km of drilled tunnels

70 talented and experienced engineers

Areas of Expertise


Highway, railway, structures (bridges, tunnels, culverts, retaining walls) and structure of architectural buildings. Calculations using specific structural and modeling programs concerning roads, railways, structures, foundations, drainage, concrete structures and geotechnics.


Preparation of geotechnical studies and elaborating structure and soil settlement, short and long-term stability analyses, and soil improvement systems.


Specialization in project management and contract management according to FIDIC conditions.


Expertise in Supervision of works under all globally recognized forms of contract and procurement & engineering standards, with strong focus on FIDIC conditions of contract. PPG is able to cover expert supervision for all types and groups of works on projects within our field of expertise, offering reliable and quality all-in-one solution for the client needs.

Our strategic vision

In a changing world, constantly striving toward improvement, infrastructural development and better connectivity among the people, we have allocated an area where we feel we can contribute and add value in pursuit of this global mission. Since its founding, powered by a talented, passionate and experienced team of experts, PPG has swiftly got involved in some of the most complex and demanding projects of its kind in the infrastructure sector. Through the years, we have established ourselves as a highly reliable and competent partner to our clients who kept trusting us with a number of equally demanding projects and most challenging assignments. Today we can say that PPG has been involved in the vast majority of motorway/road construction projects on the domestic market, including the currently longest tunnels and bridges in BiH and has significantly expanded its scope of activities and areas of expertise, beyond the original geotechnics consulting and works supervision focus.