About us

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognized as key provider of value-added consulting services for the development and implementation of infrastructural projects both regionally and globally 

Our mission

PPG mission is to provide tangible value through our service, ultimately impacting lives of the people and helping our clients conquer challenges which they considered were insurmountable.

High quality since 2012

PPG was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing high-quality consulting services in the field of civil engineering and project management, with key focus retained on transport and utility infrastructure

We plan, create and improve

PPG engineers design, improve and protect the environment in which we live in. We  design roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, ports, intelligent traffic solutions, buildings and water and sewage systems.

International and local know-how

Through engagement of skilled international and local experts we provide services in the field of planning and studies, design, works supervision, technical assistance, project management and procurement of high profile infrastructure projects.

Our leadership team

Forewords from the managing director

In a changing world, constantly striving toward improvement, infrastructural development and better connectivity among the people, we have allocated an area where we feel we can contribute and add value in pursuit of this global mission. Since its founding, powered by a talented, passionate and experienced team of experts, PPG has swiftly got involved in some of the most complex and demanding projects of its kind in the infrastructure sector.

Through the years, we have established ourselves as a highly reliable and competent partner to our clients who kept trusting us with a number of equally demanding projects and most challenging assignments. Today we can say that PPG has been involved in the vast majority of motorway/road construction projects on the domestic market, including the currently longest tunnels and bridges in BiH and has significantly expanded its scope of activities and areas of expertise, beyond the original geotechnics consulting and works supervision focus.

With such internal growth of competences PPG has opened new markets and has been awarded with projects in Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Our aim is to retain our passion and service excellence in the field of Engineering consultancy and to too further expand our knowledge and geographies we are working in.

Looking forward to continuing doing what we love, for the benefit of communities we work and live in…

Emina RamčićManaging Director

"PPGP - PPG People"

PPG is a team of 60 full time employees, of which 40 of these are highly qualified Civil engineers and Architects. PPG has another 100 collaborator engineers contracted under various projects, covering a vast array of disciplines.

PPG Sarajevo collaborate with over 100 engineers (mechanical, electro engineers, surveyors, social and environmental experts, health and safety experts, traffic engineers etc.)