The Communication Systems Group is dedicated to studying both the theoretical and practical aspects of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and core network technologies that facilitate massive connectivity. The group’s primary areas of focus are:

Protocol design and implementation for massive connectivity:
1) Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications
2) Physical layer design
3) Random and multiple access protocols

Localization in IoT:
1) Theory of wireless localization
2) Wireless fingerprinting
3) Localization and smart system design

Technologies and systems underlying IoT:
2) 5G and beyond: mMTC and URLLC
3) LP-WAN solutions: IEEE 802.11ah, LoRA, SigFox, etc

Core network technologies that support IoT:
1) Software defined networking and network function virtualization
2) Mobile edge computing and mobile cloud computing
3) 5G core network architecture

IoT testbeds:
1) Wireless testbed using GNU Radio and USRP devices
2) NB-IoT testbed
3) LoRaWAN testbed
4) IEEE 802.15.4 testbed using Crossbow motes
5) IoT testbed using Mininet emulation software

Information Processing

The Information Processing Group’s primary focus is on large-scale distributed information processing and machine learning in a variety of fields, including smart grids, smart buildings, and computer vision. Specifically, the group is dedicated to developing scalable and secure algorithms and system architectures within the following domains:

Large-scale distributed algorithms:
1) Distributed optimization methods
2) Machine learning and deep learning algorithms
3) Distributed probabilistic graphical inference

Systems and technologies:
1) distributed computation and storage architectures
2) Big Data processing,
3) virtualization technologies (FPGAs/GPUs)

Energy Management

The Energy Management Group is committed to advancing the understanding and implementation of energy management technologies, both in theory and in practice. Our focus is on developing innovative solutions that enable sustainable energy use and resource optimization, while also improving the reliability and efficiency of energy systems.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:
1) Design and implementation of smart energy management systems
2) Renewable energy system optimization and integration
3) Energy storage system design and management

Smart Grid Technologies:
1) Demand response and load management
2) Distribution system automation and control
3) Microgrid and islanding operation

Energy Management and Control:
1) Energy data analytics and optimization
2) Energy management system architecture and design
3) Cybersecurity in energy management systems
4) Fault detection and diagnosis in energy systems


The Multimedia Group is dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in multimedia technologies and their applications, with a focus on developing practical solutions for improving multimedia communication, processing, and analysis. Our work spans a range of areas, from multimedia networking and communications to multimedia processing and multimedia applications and systems. We leverage a range of tools and technologies, including multimedia software development kits (SDKs), computer vision and deep learning frameworks, and cloud computing and multimedia services, to support our research efforts.

Multimedia Networking and Communications:
1) Network protocols and architectures for multimedia delivery
2) Multimedia streaming and content delivery over HTTP
3) QoS and QoE for multimedia networks
4) Adaptive multimedia communication over wireless networks

Multimedia Applications and Systems:
1) Virtual and augmented reality systems
2) 360° video/VR streaming
3) Multimedia content creation and editing tools
4) Human-computer interaction and multimedia user interfaces

Tools and Technologies:
1) Multimedia software development kits (SDKs)
2) OpenCV, TensorFlow, PyTorch
3) Multimedia databases and search engines
4) Cloud computing and multimedia services

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